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    HealthChat with Jane Cummings

    As Chief Nursing Officer England, Jane Cummings is in an immensely demanding role with huge attention focused upon her to comment on all aspects of our NHS from a nursing perspective. To quote Gail Adams of UNISON when Jane was appointed to the role in 2013; “this job is so big it can be seen from space”. What type of person do the martians see?

    What is the real story behind demands for minimum staffing levels? How has the nursing profession responded in the wake of the Francis report recommendations and what should be the next steps? What happens after 2015 once the new round of public finance kicks in? Are nurses being effectively led, inspired and rewarded? What is the CNO’s take on private healthcare providers and the extent to which nursing is led by them?

    They are some of our questions – what are yours? You will have the opportunity to ask them of Jane once Roy Lilley has finished his typically forthright interview.

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