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    HealthChat with Sarah Wollaston MP

    Dr Sarah Wollaston MP is chairperson of the House of Commons Health Select Committee. Elected to her Totnes constituency as a Conservative MP at the 2010 General Election she has enjoyed a strong rise in politics and was voted ‘Backbencher of the Year’ by The Spectator magazine in 2013 before being elected as Chairperson of the HoC HSC in 2014.

    Her 20 years+ experience as an obs & gynae specialist, GP and police forensic examiner give her a personal insight and experience of life on the front line of the NHS that most politicians do not share and, of course, make her a fascinating guest for our HealthChat interview series.

    Come and hear Roy Lilley in conversation with Sarah on the work of the HSC, her own views and insights into today’s NHS and the political intrigue that surrounds everything.

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