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    HealthChat with Tim Kelsey

    Tim Kelsey is NHS England’s National Director for Patients and Information, a post he was appointed to in July 2012. He is perhaps most recently remembered as the architect and certainly ‘front man’ for care.data, the initiative to bring big data benefits to all in exchange for access to their pseudomonised GP records. The hoo-haa that this created is ongoing, so his presence as Roy Lilley’s HealthChat interviewee in this pre-Christmas event is sure to be insightful. Previously a journalist and founder of Dr Foster, Tim Kelsey has a fascinating background and is a leading campaigner for transparency of quality in public services. He also plays a mean bass guitar! The issues around big data, open source programming, integration of systems and, of course, THE MONEY, means that this is an evening not to be missed. The evening will also feature a short demonstration of the new EMIS HealthKit technology and a surprise ingredient so BOOK NOW to ensure your place at what promises to be a fabulous event.

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